The Inquiry is inviting people who are infected or affected in the infected blood scandal to become Participants.

The Deadline is 20th July and it is vital that victims and their families have a strong voice in the Inquiry


The Inquiry is inviting people who are infected and affected to tell the Inquiry how they would like to provide evidence.

The Inquiry is asking people who are infected or affected to complete a short form by 20th July so that we know how many people are interested in providing evidence.

The invitation to witnesses sets out the different ways in which people who are infected or affected can provide evidence, and what they need to do.

Other people who believe they can help the Inquiry should contact the Inquiry team.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for 24-26 September in Church House in London and the Inquiry’s public hearings are expected to begin in the spring. Further information about this will be provided in due course.

Apply To Become A Core Participant Today

The Government has set up an independent public inquiry into the Infected Blood scandal

It has been called the biggest treatment disaster in the history of the NHS and a “horrific human tragedy.”

Infected Blood Inquiry

Infected Bloods

It is vital that victims and their families have a strong voice in the Inquiry. We would urge all to put your story before the Public Inquiry. If you wish to give, or to provide evidence, please contact us. We can arrange free legal assistance in taking you through the process and preparing your evidence.

We have developed a growing specialism in representing core participants and interested parties at high-profile public inquiries.


“Thousands of people were treated with contaminated blood products. So far, more than half of them have died”.


It is vital that victims and their families have a strong voice in the Inquiry.

Public Inquires are held when there is public concern that something has happened requiring an open, fair and thorough investigation by a body independent from the problem.

Their aim is to get to the truth of what happened as well as to learn lessons for the future.

Involvement in an Inquiry can be a fraught experience. We can help you from start to finish through the inquiry

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